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Theme: Engineering

This page lists all the available projects in the Engineering research theme.

Information about Engineering can be found on EPSRC’s website

2228cc1448 Scour around coastal and offshore structures under complex wave and current conditions

2228cc1449 Characterising the vulnerability of the built environment to tomorrow’s natural hazards

2228cc1455 Optimised Efficiency and Compact Integration of Drive Unit for Ultra-High-Speed Electric Motors

2228cc1457 Integrated Vessel Health Management (IVHM) for the Maritime Autonomous Surface Ship (MASS)

2228cd1243 The fluid dynamics of historic ventilation engineering

2228cd1249 Modelling of salt crystallisation processes in porous building materials

2228cd1266 Integrating synthetic biology and fabrication for sustainable bio-based construction materials

2228cd1269 Innovative Steel Structures for Post-Earthquake functional Recovery, Resilience and Reversibility

2228cd1271 Full characterisation of stainless steel bolts for resilient and sustainable steel structures

2228cd1272 Challenging the Unchallengeable: Revisiting the Soil Mechanics Paradigm

2228cd1273 Fully funded PhD scholarship: Innovative technologies and digital transformation for infrastructure projects and systems

2228cd1276 Climate- and Earthquake-Resilience for Children: South-Eastern Turkiye

2228cd1281 Identifying optimal reaction coordinates in complex molecular systems with Genetic Programming

2228cd1283 Interdisciplinary research to address global challenges

2228cd1296 Project Shield: Advancing Safe, Robust, and Aligned AI

2228cd1302 Control for efficient, reliable and sustainable interconnected and intelligent autonomous systems

2228cd1314 Adaptive microCT scanning to guide scaffold development in tissue engineering

2228cd1324 Bioelectric control of embryonic development

2228cd1388 Digital Twins for Disaster Early Warning Systems

2228cd1390 OpenVulnerability: an interactive web platform for harmonising multi-hazard physical impact models

2228cd1435 Bio-engineering methods to quantify embryo mechanics