Theme: Healthcare Technologies

This page lists all the available projects in the Healthcare Technologies research theme.

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2228bd1002 Development and application of an in-silico model of liver function in health and disease.

2228bd1007 Wearable medicated corneal patch for regeneration of damaged cornea and prevent blindness

2228bd1010 Ultrafast analysis of atherosclerotic plaque stress using in vivo imaging, computational modelling and machine learning for more accurate coronary artery disease risk stratification

2228bd1012 Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning for the detection and stratification of Necrotising Enterocolitis in premature born infants

2228bd1013 Vibrotactile feedback to close the loop with bone anchored prostheses

2228bd1014 Instrumented needle to enhance placement accuracy for joint injection

2228bd1016 Desiccation technology: translational applications for (stem) cell storage and inhaled cell-based therapies

2228bd1017 Advanced fabrication of scent delivery systems for improved digital sensory health applications

2228bd1023 Thermo-responsive fibres containing magnetic nanoparticles for Melanoma-Targeted Drug Delivery

2228bd1025 Piezoelectric Nanocomposites Based Artificial Cochlea

2228bd1026 Piezoelectric nanofibers guiding and sensing optogenetically-controlled neuromuscular junctions by flexible organic LED stimulation

2228bd1030 Engineering and validating proton beam therapy on advanced pancreatic cancer human tissue mimetics

2228bd1031 Transforming dental imaging using optical coherence tomography

2228bd1032 Ethnographic Study of Medical Device Innovation

2228bd1033 Haptic sensors arrays for augmenting proprioceptive feedback and enabling smart interventions

2228bd1035 Nanoparticle contrast agents for dark field x-ray imaging

2228bd1036 Cancer Imaging and Therapy: Image-Guided Cancer Therapy Using a Magnetic Resonance Imaging System

2228bd1039 Breast cancer pseudo-immuno targeted therapy via synthetic antibodies

2228bd1040 An implantable biosensor microsystem for real-time measurement of circulating biomarkers

2228bd1041 Breakfast saves lives: development of novel v(egg)etarian and fruit-derived biological wound dressings

2228bd1043 Functionalised Nanoparticles towards New Targeted Treatments for Pulmonary Hypertension

2228bd1045 Collagen infilled Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) hybrid scaffold innovation for osteochondral donor site backfills

2228bd1046 Tera-scale deep learning for knowledge extraction from Hierarchical Phase-Contrast Tomography

2228bd1047 3D bioprinted vascular model as a platform to investigate cardiovascular diseases

2228bd1048 Engineering advanced biomaterial based 3D human-microbiota models

2228bd1049 Engineering smart urinary catheters expressing antimicrobial activity and preventing biofilm formation

2228bd1050 Pulmonary delivery platform for RNA therapeutics – using microfluidic and particle engineering techniques to produce dry powder aerosol for inhalation

2228bd1051 Ultrasound Mediated Drug Delivery in 3D Advanced Pancreatic Cancer Models

2228bd1052 Using physics-informed machine learning to understand the progression of diabetic retinopathy

2228bd1056 Optimising MRI Quantitative Conductivity Mapping of the Brain for Large Clinical Studies of Disease

2228bd1065 Light-driven bio-robots based on bioengineered myofibers and micro-/nano-structured responsive elastomers

2228bd1066 Towards the development of a high-throughput microfluidic platform for drug screening: using skeletal muscle as an ‘exemplar’ tissue

2228bd1067 Hyperspectral-spatial digital pathology realised through Raman imaging and deep learning technologies.

2228bd1071 Characterising early lung fibrosis using advanced image analysis

2228bd1073 Next-generation inflammation imaging combining computational modelling and machine learning

2228bd1075 Intraoperative biophotonic imaging systems for image-guided surgery

2228bd1081 Design, synthesis and evaluation of metal nanoparticles as antifungal agents for topical treatment of external mycoses

2228bd1088 Developing a new therapy for treatment-resistant depression: magnetomechanical stimulation of astrocytes facilitated by MRI-guided focused ultrasound

2228bd1090 Developing a microfluidics kidney on a chip model for chronic kidney disease

2228bd1092 New approaches to the synthesis of novel fluorinated molecules

2228bd1093 Non-destructive and high throughput quality control of 3D printed personalised medicines

2228bd1101 Making sense of missense mutations in aging tissues and cancer

2228bd1102 Developing computational methods to minimise social bias in healthcare AI

2228bd1104 A responsive delivery platform for diagnosis and treatment of bacterial infections

2228bd1108 Semi-automated quantification from MR Imaging of gastrointestinal dysfunction in Parkinson’s disease

2228bd1109 Customised external breast prosthesis for breast cancer patients

2228bd1110 3D printed Bespoke Neck collar for patients suffering from Dropped Head Syndrome (DHS)

2228bd1117 Development and validation of low cost 3D human skin models

2228bd1122 Developing antibody-loaded biomaterials for cancer immunotherapy

2228bd1124 The design, synthesis and evaluation of fragment-based small chemical probes of the SARS-CoV-2 non-structural protein 1

2228bd1126 Computational and Experimental Analysis of the Parametric Left Atrial Appendage to Assess the Risk of Thrombus Formation

2228bd1130 Development of a New-Generation, Intelligent, Wearable, Photonic Imaging and Sensing Technology

2228bd1147 proton therapy and immune response in precision cut liver slices and tumours

2228bd1169 Chemical Synthesis of Sactipeptides as New Generation Antimicrobials

2228bd1170 Skin-on-a-chip: Functional skin models with a chip-based perfusion system

2228bd1179 Harnessing bioaccumulation of drugs to treat inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract

2228bd1187 Synthesis, characterisation and biofunctionalization of magnetic nanoparticles for studying the cell internal structure for diagnosis and treatment of cancers.

2228bd1190 Multi-modal Synthetic Data Simulation for Image Guided Surgery

2228bd1191 WeL-ME: Wearable Low-Cost Muscle Evaluation

2228bd1192 Lim(b)etrics: An AI-enabled toolkit for capturing better preclinical musculoskeletal metrics and efficient translation of clinically relevant therapeutics

2228bd1193 Modelling infectious disease prevalence with AI methods and online user activity

2228bd1201 Revealing the Detail in 4-Stranded i-Motif DNA Structures

2228bd1205 Personalised radiotherapy using multi - modal artificial intelligence for improved lung cancer radiotherapy

2228bd1214 AI Hardware for Advanced Photonic Brain-Computer Interface and Human-Robot Interaction

2228bd1215 Developing Methods for Non-Invasive Assessment of Blood-Brain-Barrier Permeability to Water using MRI

2228bd1218 Developing probiotic interventions to reduce the emergence and persistence of pathogens in built environments

2228bd1219 Novel probiotic interventions to reduce antimicrobial resistance in built environments

2228bd1223 Model-based reconstruction of arterial spin labelled MRI for improved measurement of cerebral perfusion in neurological disease

2228bd1225 A wearable brain scanner for the hospital ward

2228bd1227 A Bayesian active-learning framework for experiments in psychophysics

2228bd1229 Development of MRI-compatible Graphene-based Probes for Rodent and Human Electrophysiology

2228bd1231 Diagnostics and rehabilitation after stroke in enriched XR+ML environments

2228bd1233 Flexible sensor arrays and source modelling for spinal cord imaging

2228bd1235 Otoacoustic emmisions