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Theme: Advanced Materials

This page lists all the available projects in the Advanced Materials research theme.

Information about Advanced Materials can be found on EPSRC’s website

2228cd1250 Design and manufacture of nature-inspired wearable structure

2228cd1280 Manufacturing biomineralised materials with controlled mechanical and structural properties

2228cd1282 AI-assisted molecular and reaction design: integrating molecular properties and synthesizability.

2228cd1293 The Future of Memristive Technologies

2228cd1305 Micromechanical modelling of irradiation creep in novel steels for nuclear fusion

2228cd1348 Bone tissue engineering for diabetic patients

2228cd1352 Innovative antibacterial materials based on imprinting technology

2228cd1358 Low Thermal Conversion Platinum Group Precursors for the Spray Printing of Fuel Cells

2228cd1380 Ontology infused AI for Materials Discovery

2228cd1393 Emergent helical dipole textures in quadruple perovskites

2228cd1397 Nanoscale ferroelectricity in epitaxial oxide heterostructures

2228cd1399 Neuromorphic devices based on oxidation-conversion of van-der-Waals semiconductors

2228cd1414 Mechanisms of defect processes in future electronic devices