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DTP-CASE projects

This page lists all the available DTP-CASE projects.

DTP-CASE projects have an industrial partner, and involve time spent on placement at the partner’s premises. More information about DTP-CASE studentships can be found on the UCL EPSRC DTP’s website

2228cc1445 The future role of UK refineries in a net zero transition

2228cc1446 MIST CVD

2228cc1447 Cell free DNA manufacturing to control sequence and topology and improve transfection efficiency / product quality in cell and gene therapy applications

2228cc1448 Scour around coastal and offshore structures under complex wave and current conditions

2228cc1449 Characterising the vulnerability of the built environment to tomorrow’s natural hazards

2228cc1450 Smart Flow Reactor Platforms for Autonomous Determination of Reaction Kinetics of Heterogeneous Systems

2228cc1451 Developing tools to catalogue emissions from thermal events in Li-ion batteries

2228cc1452 Development of fibre optic Fabry-Perot sensors for measurement of high intensity focused ultrasound fields

2228cc1453 Artificial Intelligence for Ocular Imaging: An Eye on Vision-robbing, Neurodegenerative, and Systemic Diseases

2228cc1454 Engineering Characterisation of Microbioreactors for Mammalian Cell Culture

2228cc1455 Optimided Efficiency and Compact Integration of Drive Unit for Ultra-High-Speed Electric Motors

2228cc1456 OPtimise POwder pRoducTion UsiNg Intelligent Sensing Technologies (OPPORTUNIST)

2228cc1457 Integrated Vessel Health Management (IVHM) for the Maritime Autonomous Surface Ship (MASS)