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Department: Physics and Astronomy

This page lists all the available projects hosted in the Physics and Astronomy department.

Information about Physics and Astronomy can be found on the departmental website

2228cd1410 Non-adiabatic properties of nuclear motion

2228cd1411 Probing the matter-antimatter-asymmetry problem using precision spectroscopy of positronium

2228cd1412 Ultimate estimation limits in electron-positron interactions

2228cd1413 Next-generation single-molecule microscopy for understanding nucleic acid-lipid interactions

2228cd1414 Mechanisms of defect processes in future electronic devices

2228cd1415 Quantum metrology with triatomic molecules to probe physics beyond the Standard Model

2228cd1416 Polariton and circuit QED lattices: quantum simulations of correlated and topological states

2228cd1417 Optical trapping and spectroscopy of 2D nanomaterials

2228cd1418 Solid-state Masers

2228cd1419 Design magnetoelectric nanoparticles with outstanding physical property for biomedical applications

2228cd1420 Exotic forms of matter in interaction of molecules with intense laser pulses

2228cd1421 Thermoelectric energy conversion with organic semiconductors: from fundamentals to next-generation materials

2228cd1422 Hybrid Quantum Information Processing with Rydberg atoms and Superconducting Circuits