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Department: Mechanical Engineering

This page lists all the available projects hosted in the Mechanical Engineering department.

Information about Mechanical Engineering can be found on the departmental website

2228cc1455 Optimised Efficiency and Compact Integration of Drive Unit for Ultra-High-Speed Electric Motors

2228cc1456 OPtimise POwder pRoducTion UsiNg Intelligent Sensing Technologies (OPPORTUNIST)

2228cc1457 Integrated Vessel Health Management (IVHM) for the Maritime Autonomous Surface Ship (MASS)

2228cd1305 Micromechanical modelling of irradiation creep in novel steels for nuclear fusion

2228cd1306 Situational Awareness to Shift between Autonomy levels in Automated Vehicles

2228cd1307 Embedding nanosensors in multi-material 3D printed haptic phantoms for safer surgeries

2228cd1308 Understanding and improving durability of nanopatterned surfaces

2228cd1309 Combining acoustic cavitation and immunotherapy for the treatment of paediatric cancers

2228cd1310 Ultrahigh resolution imaging and analysis of osteoarthritic joints using hierarchical phase-contrast (HiP-CT), computational modelling, and machine learning, enabling scaling of small animal models to humans

2228cd1311 Developing an ultrasound microbioreactor with in-line bioprocess monitoring for personalised cell therapy applications

2228cd1312 Development and spatial refinement of complex tissue-engineered 3D cancer models guided by computational modelling