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Department: London Centre for Nanotechnology (LCN)

This page lists all the available projects hosted in the London Centre for Nanotechnology (LCN) department.

Information about London Centre for Nanotechnology (LCN) can be found on the departmental website

2228cd1391 Plasmonic Enhancement of Hydrogen from Water Splitting

2228cd1392 Novel Two-Qubit Couplers for Superconducting Qubits

2228cd1393 Emergent helical dipole textures in quadruple perovskites

2228cd1394 New technologies for electronics fabrication in a time of unprecedented demand

2228cd1395 The role of cell and tissue architecture in the dispersal of patterning signals

2228cd1396 Criticality of Quantum Spin Liquids

2228cd1397 Nanoscale ferroelectricity in epitaxial oxide heterostructures

2228cd1398 A Digital Twin for Quantitative Immunoassays

2228cd1399 Neuromorphic devices based on oxidation-conversion of van-der-Waals semiconductors