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Department: Electronic and Electrical Engineering (EEE)

This page lists all the available projects hosted in the Electronic and Electrical Engineering (EEE) department.

Information about Electronic and Electrical Engineering (EEE) can be found on the departmental website

2228cd1293 The Future of Memristive Technologies

2228cd1294 Bioelectronics

2228cd1295 Full integrated, ultra-wideband receivers for coherent data transmission

2228cd1296 Project Shield: Advancing Safe, Robust, and Aligned AI

2228cd1297 Neuromorphic Optical Sensors

2228cd1298 Limits to speed in electro-optic modulation

2228cd1299 Safe and Secure Generative Artificial Intelligence

2228cd1300 THz photonics for spectroscopy and near field imaging

2228cd1301 High-capacity and adaptive optical fibre networks

2228cd1302 Control for efficient, reliable and sustainable interconnected and intelligent autonomous systems

2228cd1304 The dynamics of resistance switching in silicon oxide memristors