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UCL EPSRC DTP - 2024/25 project catalogue

This catalogue lists all the projects available for applicants to the UCL EPSRC DTP for 2024/25. See the main website for details on how to apply.

Important: The round 1 deadline has passed. The deadline for round 2 applications is 13:00 UK Time on Wednesday 29 May 2024. Round 2 is for Home status candidates only.

Only the following DTP-CASE projects are still available (others may be re-added, please check back later if the specific DTP-CASE studentship you were interested in is not shown):

2228cc1448 Scour around coastal and offshore structures under complex wave and current conditions

2228cc1445 The future role of UK refineries in a net zero transition

DTP-CASE projects all have an industrial collaborator and include a placement spent at the collaborator’s premises.

Note: Where unavoidable, the UCL EPSRC DTP reserves the right to withdraw projects from the catalogue before or after the application deadline. Candidates who have applied to a project that has been withdrawn will be informed as soon as possible.

How to use the catalogue

Each project has its own summary page. All projects have a lead UCL department shown in their summary. Some projects also have a collaborating department if they are interdisciplinary projects. Each project also has a lead supervisor shown in their summary. All students recruited to UCL will also be supported by additional members of a supervisory team - for some projects this may be detailed in the summary, for other it will be finalised after a student begins. Project summaries also contain links to the lead department’s UCL webpage, so you can read more about the department, and the lead supervisor’s UCL profile page (for the majority of supervisors), so you can read more about the lead supervisor.