Theme: Physical Sciences

This page lists all the available projects in the Physical Sciences research theme.

Information about Physical Sciences can be found on EPSRC’s website

2228bd1003 Engineering the physics of life into CO2 reduction, protometabolic flux and the emergence of genetic information

2228bd1022 Emergent Fermions in Quantum Spin Liquids

2228bd1027 Artificial selection of microbial communities: theory and/or experiments

2228bd1029 Exploring light propagation through brain tissue with adaptive multiphoton microscopy for improving deep tissue functional imaging

2228bd1044 Open DEL for Machine Learning in Drug Discovery

2228bd1058 Search for new topological states in implanted acceptor structures

2228bd1064 Sensing our marine environment with nano-engineered plasmonic-Diamond

2228bd1076 Plasmonic Enhancement of Hydrogen from Water Splitting

2228bd1091 Developing High Throughput Approaches to Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Substrate Screening & Production

2228bd1096 Machine learning of quantum dynamics, spectroscopy and quantum optics of biomolecules

2228bd1098 Many-body entanglement dynamics in open and closed quantum systems.

2228bd1103 Exploring high-order multiple-quantum coherences for the characterisation of molecular dynamics by ultra-high field NMR

2228bd1105 Exploring the geochemistry of Jupiter’s ice moons

2228bd1106 Plasma Jet Synthesis and Deposition of Metal Oxide Materials

2228bd1135 New Horizons in the Atomistic Simulation of Charge and Exciton Transport in Optoelectronic Materials

2228bd1137 Quantum information theory applied to gravity

2228bd1138 Non-adiabatic properties of nuclear motion

2228bd1150 Polariton and circuit QED lattices: quantum simulations of correlated and topological states

2228bd1152 Developing nucleic acid therapeutics using controllable polymers

2228bd1153 Synthesis and Application of Photocaged DNA and RNA Technologies

2228bd1163 PhD Studentship in Experimental Levitated Quantum Optomechanics

2228bd1167 Optical trapping and spectroscopy of 2D nanomaterials

2228bd1182 Testing the weak equivalence principle with antimatter via Rydberg-Atom Interferometry

2228bd1213 Understanding the physical principles of RNA topology regulation