Department: Physics and Astronomy

This page lists all the available projects hosted in the Physics and Astronomy department.

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2228bd1057 Mechanisms of defect processes in future electronic devices

2228bd1095 Quantum feedback control for fundamental tests of quantum gravity

2228bd1096 Machine learning of quantum dynamics, spectroscopy and quantum optics of biomolecules

2228bd1135 New Horizons in the Atomistic Simulation of Charge and Exciton Transport in Optoelectronic Materials

2228bd1136 Diamond Masers

2228bd1137 Quantum information theory applied to gravity

2228bd1138 Non-adiabatic properties of nuclear motion

2228bd1150 Polariton and circuit QED lattices: quantum simulations of correlated and topological states

2228bd1163 PhD Studentship in Experimental Levitated Quantum Optomechanics

2228bd1167 Optical trapping and spectroscopy of 2D nanomaterials

2228bd1182 Testing the weak equivalence principle with antimatter via Rydberg-Atom Interferometry

2228bd1187 Synthesis, characterisation and biofunctionalization of magnetic nanoparticles for studying the cell internal structure for diagnosis and treatment of cancers.