Department: Mechanical Engineering

This page lists all the available projects hosted in the Mechanical Engineering department.

Information about Mechanical Engineering can be found on the departmental website

2228bd1010 Ultrafast analysis of atherosclerotic plaque stress using in vivo imaging, computational modelling and machine learning for more accurate coronary artery disease risk stratification

2228bd1033 Haptic sensors arrays for augmenting proprioceptive feedback and enabling smart interventions

2228bd1037 Composite Manufacturing Fibre Alignment Monitoring

2228bd1060 Understanding and improving durability of nanoengineered surfaces

2228bd1078 Enzyme-based materials for sustainable tree shelters

2228bd1126 Computational and Experimental Analysis of the Parametric Left Atrial Appendage to Assess the Risk of Thrombus Formation

2228bd1160 Investigating lean-stratified hydrogen mixtures for ultra-low emission propulsion

2228bd1198 Efficient coastal bathymetry survey using multibeam enabled uncrewed surface vehicle